Thank you Classes 3 & 4!


Nothing made me smile more this weekend when I was presented the thank you letters written to me by the pupils of classes 3 & 4 of Whitminster Endowed C of E Primary School. So I am writing this post for you.

I really enjoyed coming in to talk to you about how television is made and answer your questions. It was lovely to hear that you had written letters to me and When Miss Parry-Jones delivered your letters to my house it was great to read your thoughts. I was pleased that so many of you enjoyed our chat and that you remembered so much about what I told you.

I can see that you all really appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a TV programme. It’s also nice to read that some of you are interested in pursuing a career in the TV industry when you are older.

Thanks for keeping in touch and remember, what ever you do – Follow your dream and try your best whenever you can.

Thanks once again and have a great week at school everyone!



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