IMG_9500I’m Andy: TV Food & Wine Producer, recommender of drinks, cookery writer, chef TV trainer  and host of food and drink events.

I grew up near Bristol in England’s West Country eating my parents home cooked food. We grew many of our own fruit and vegetables (and they still do!) so my brother and I were very hands on when it came to sowing seeds and picking the fruit and veg. In the villages near our home town of Thornbury, many houses and farms would sell their produce from their front gardens with an honesty box for change. OK, so you couldn’t get everything like this, but it was great to compliment the fish from the fish van or the meat from the butcher with the freshest of local produce.

My first job was serving food and drink at weddings in a local hotel. I loved the atmosphere of a happy event where food and drink was being enjoyed, the buzz of the kitchen and the interaction over good food and drink. I continued with restaurant work when I went to study drama at university and became a restaurant supervisor. I was also lucky that my friends just loved cooking and eating out as much as me. I knew I’d always enjoy being involved in food and drink, but how could I take it further? Although I was keen to pursue my dream of performing on stage and working in television, I knew I wanted to try and bring my love of cooking, eating, drinking and sharing into the equation.

In 2006 I became involved in ‘Saturday Kitchen Live’ on BBC 1. Becoming the show’s producer allowed me to talk about food and drink all day, everyday, and it’s allowed me to be involved in a very interesting world food and drink absorbed world. One that involves talented chefs, passionate wine experts and some amazing food and drink producers.

Since moving on from SK, I have stayed in TV food production and I continue to enjoy putting my all into my programmes, celebrating seasonal, interesting food in a way that brings a smile to my face and the face of the viewers.

I love making food & wine telly, writing my own eating and drinking recommendations and sharing them with others as well as hosting food and drink events. I’m also now coaching cooks and chefs who want to get ready to be on telly. So if that’s you – Get in contact.

So, come on – Let’s talk all things tasty!

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  1. Hey Andy, ever heard or been to Niagara Wine Country Ontario, Canada, Lonely Planet & says it’s a Must Visit wine region in 2017, cheers Sam. @winevirgin_ca


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