TV Training

Over the last 10 years I’ve been working on some of the best and most watched food and drink TV in the UK. I’ve learned a lot about how to make the best cookery and wine tasting segments possible. Over that time I’ve worked with many new faces that need nurturing.

imageI’ve devoted myself to looking after chefs, cooks and wine experts, making them feel comfortable in front of the camera and enjoying their time at the hobs or in the wine aisles. A good TV cookery segment, after all isn’t just about having a great recipe, it’s about the person cooking being comfortable on camera and feeling relaxed within the environment.

Now I’m using my experience producing live cooking telly to help nurture the next generation of TV cooks and experts. If you want to feel comfortable in front of the camera or if you’re representing someone who does, we can work together in a one to one environment to prepare and get the best out of a TV appearance.

I’m now helping chefs, cooks, nutrionists and wine experts get TV ready to do their best in front of the camera and show everyone, what they’ve got.

Email me at if you would like further information.