The Mother of Drinks

The day is nearly upon us when we thank our Mums for putting up with us for all these years and we get Dad to do the cooking. I am turning to baking to charm Mum this year, but I’m not going to reveal what delights I will be baking just yet – As I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

IMG_2148But there are other ways to keep Mum happy and that’s with a few carefully chosen beverages to pepper the day with. If you’re going for a fizz before Sunday lunch, Aldi have a crackingly fresh drop to whet mother’s whistle. Their Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut is lemony fresh, vibrant and a steal at £9.99 per bottle. It’s a cellar aged  blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier with a pleasing finish but not too serious to enjoy during the day. If you want to stock up, a case of 6 is only £59.94 and is available in stores nationwide or at

Another treat for Mother’s Day afternoon, and perfect as a IMG_2146sundowner now that the days are getting longer (Hurrah for British Summer Time!) is gin. I’m a huge fan of Mother’s Ruin and a gin and tonic often hits the spot when sometimes I’m momentarily perplexed by wine. I’ve tasted a lot of new and established gins recently and none have stuck in my head as much as Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin. The Distillery where the gin is made is based in Tintagel, Cornwall, and run by four gin loving friends. But what makes this gin a memorable one? They wanted  to give their gin a luxurious, smooth feel on the palate whilst remaining true to the key flavours that gin lovers crave. According to master distiller Avian Sandercock “From the outset we thought the icon of Cornwall, clotted cream, would provide that luxurious feel, the smoothness and add a subtle hint of vanilla.”

Yes, it’s rich and robust but don’t let the vanilla description put you off. It oozes vibrant coriander and green apple notes and citrus too thanks to the 12 botanicals also used in the making and all the fresh Cornish spring water that is used in the process. It’s distinctive and supercharged and wakes up the senses as you sip it, while making you feel loved by the glass in hand.

Being smooth, you can serve it neat, over ice but my favourite idea is to serve it with tonic and fresh, sliced strawberries as the makers suggest. This is a MUST for summer! My favourite way is  with a squeeze of lime, after the lime has been wiped around the rim of the glass. You can’t go wrong with that! Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin is available online at or go to their Facebook page (£37.50 for 70cl or £24.00 for 35cl)

IMG_2149And to finish off the evening, why not try something a bit different. Of late, I’ve been eating a lot of Cherry Bakewells and I love that unique almond and cherry flavour combo. At one of my favourite eating and drinking establishments, Berwick Lodge, on the outskirts of Bristol, I have partaken in a cocktail combining these flavours and I have recreated it at home. So, at the end of the evening make Mum a ‘Cherry Bakewell’: Find your favourite small glass (a Sherry schooner will suffice) and pour equal measures of Ameretto and Cherry Brandy and serve. Either over ice or not. Mum’ll love it! If you want to make it a longer drink, add twice the volume of Cava. It’s a delicious treat for after dessert.
Whatever your tipple, have a lovely Mother’s Day – If you’re a mother or not!