Photo of meWelcome to one4thetable.com everyone!

We’re fast approaching spring (he says hopefully!!!) And as we watch the daffodils approach their blooming best, check out my food and drink ramblings right here on the website.

And if you’d like some inspiration for food and drink to get you through the winter, click on the link below to have a look at my latest article in Crumbs magazine.


And before you go any further – Don’t forget to tune into the Made in Bristol website http://www.madeinbristol.tv to catch episodes of ‘Word to the Mothers’ where I w ill be recommending my favourite low priced wines with some of my favourite yummy mummies.

I can confirm that I will be judging for 2017 Great TasteAwards as well as the 2017 British Pie Awards and the 2017 Bath Good Food Awards. So it’ll be a busy time. (I’d better get slimming!!!) On top of this, The Bristol Good Food Awards, which I was involved in last year have their results below. Check out the winners here:

Winners 2016

So, as you may have guessed, if you love seasonal food and drink then you’re in the right place. One for the table comes from a life long passion for all things tasty. Everyday, there are discoveries to be made, flavours to return to and ideas to share. So here, let’s share our edible enthusiasm and discover loads of great food and drink ideas.

‘James Martin’s French Adventure’, which I series produced is going well and we’ve had a great response from viewers and the press. Catch it at 3pm on ITV every weekday until 24th February. Check out the Guardian review:


It will also be coming back with a primetime slot later in the year too, so keep your eyes peeled!

There’s plenty going on in the diary too, with more events at Cactus Kitchens planned throughout the new year and more ‘Foodie Friday’ appearances on BBC Radio Bristol with Laura Rawlings and Jonathan Ray too.

You may remember that last summer I spoke at the Food Service Forum, part of The London Produce Show at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane (A fantastic annual event for all parts of the fresh produce supply chain from seed to plate). It was fab to explain what it’s like putting seasonal produce on TV. The produce is the star, not necessarily the celebrity chef! If you haven’t already, Take a look at my talk here (scroll down to 10:35am!):


All this excitement aside, I often get asked; where does the phrase ‘One for the table’ come from? It’s is an expression that developed from sitting round the dinner table with friends at many restaurants around the world that I’ve been lucky enough to dine at. Faced with amazing menus, when we felt we couldn’t order any more but our inquisitive nature wouldn’t let us put the menu down, we’d say ‘let’s order one for the table’. That way we could order all (well most) of the items we wanted to try. Some might say it’s greedy, but I see it as a healthy fascination in food and drink….. And to be honest, I don’t see that fascination changing anytime soon!

To see a little more about me, check out my supper club feature in Crumbs Magazine:


Now, browse the website and enjoy… And don’t be afraid to order one for the table!

7 responses to “About

  1. Hi Andy

    I’m a fine dining chef with a love of food media. I worked at Barclays private dining for two years and have been employed by Harbour & Jones for the past three years. Don’t worry I’m not asking for a job but would welcome the opportunity to gain some invaluable experience and insight into the media by working behind the scenes of a food programme. For the past two years I’ve been focusing on the development of FoodPunk, my own food blog on the hidden food gems in and around London, which has culminated in its own YouTube channel.

    I’m writing to you, Andy, because I love the tone and style of certain programmes such as Saturday Kitchen – it’s constantly fresh, exciting and entertaining – so naturally, as I mentioned before, I would welcome the opportunity to work on a project with you. I’m very happy for this to be unpaid work experience.

    I have a C.V. available upon request and to give you a taste (pardon the pun) of who I am I have included the link to FoodPunk below.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Best regards

    Joe Teng

    07808 235 541



    • Hey Joe. Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner but I have been getting to grips with the website and have only recently started using it properly! I will pass your details to the SK team. I hope all is good with you?


  2. It’s patently unfair that someone who manages to eat his way around Europe simultaneously manages to remain so damn slim! I for one will read your blog studiously Mr Clarke, if for no other reason than to fuel my fever pitched sense of petty envy! 😁


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