Wine of the Week: Taste the Difference Languedoc Red

I’ve lost count of the times in my life that I’ve taken something for granted time and time again but then suddenly and unexpectedly discovered it’s beauty.

For years I never really appreciated the view of the Severn Estuary from the A38 at Almondsbury (you know, the view you get not long after you come off of the motorway.) I saw it for years on the 310 bus going into Bristol and then once I moved to London I’d catch a glimpse on the drive back to my home town of Thornbury.  Yes, it signified that I was back in my homeland at which point I raised a smile but I never truly appreciated the stunning views towards Wales over the village and fields. It took me years to embrace the beauty of the view – It was probably when I decided to move back to the West Country with Alan that I began to realise how much I loved that same view that I’d seen all my life.


That view over Almondsbury from where our lane meets the A38

Sometimes, it takes a while to appreciate something, and then suddenly you end up seeing it in a whole different light, whether it’s a view, a person, a place, a piece of art, or indeed a wine.

imageI’ve been familiar with the Taste the Difference Languedoc Red for a while now. It’s come up as a finalist on many Saturday Kitchen wine shots and sometimes it even made the grade to be the chosen wine, but it wasn’t until I received an emergency wine email from the gorgeous Zoe Szypillo (Or Zoe Make Up as she is known to the world) that the wine gravitated towards the top of my affordable faves of this year. Zoe was having a few friends over and wanted a good all round red and this is where it’s about being in the right place at the right time. Zoe was standing in Sainsbury’s and I was standing next to a bottle of their Languedoc Red. So in the spirit of helping a friend, I popped the cork.

2014 was clearly a year where the weather was kind to the grapes in this part of France. You can taste the combination of sun and love from the winemaker. The wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan. There’s a licoricey, peppery nose that almost tickles with a hint of menthol berries. On the pallet there’s a jammy blackberry quality with a savoury twist pepper. Yes it’s rich but it’s also bright and not too in your face.

Yes, it’s be great with a steak like lots of reds from this region but you don’t need food to appreciate this fruity little number, just £8 in your pocket, a bottle opener and your favourite wine glass.

Have a great week everyone!