Wine of the Week: Alamos Malbec 2014

January is never the most interesting of months. How can it compete with the showy bravado of December or the romantic flirtation of February? And with the grim news that alcohol is actually bad for us (Whaaaaat?!) I feel it’s time to thank the UK’s chief medical doogooders, I mean officers for their concern with a new feature on : Wine of the Week!

You know me, always parading around with a smile on my face and a glass of vino in hand. So with these tough new guidelines on alcohol and reduced recommended drinking limits that suggest there is no such thing as a safe level of drinking, I think we should raise a glass to our favourite tipples.

imageIn a month where we’re sort of made to feel guilty about drinking at all, I want something to make me smile and sooth away those January blues. Cue Alamos Malbec 2014. I’ve always been a fan of a juicy Malbec with steak and have tried some corkers over the years, but recently I’ve been disappointed with weak examples that parade Malbec’s name but show none of it’s redeeming features.

Alamos Malbec is from near Mendoza in Argentina, near the Chilean border and not far from Santiago and is now probably one of the best-loved grapes in the country. I didn’t know until recently that even though we think of Malbec as being strictly Argentinian, it actually the Cahors vineyards in France which are to the east of Bordeaux.

As well as a nose like black pepper sprinkled on hedgerow fruit, there’s the classic raisony character that good Malbec has. There are also hints of soft blackberry and blackcurrant in there too. A bit too fruity for some but at this time of year when you need something to make you smile while you mourn the loss of your allowed units, it’s perfect. On the finish there is a luxurious tobacco note which is extremely soothing and makes you forget what a bad person you are for wanting a drink in the first place.

If you’re naughty and want to put your life at risk by placing a full glass of wine to your lips, you can purchase this tasty treat at Majestic Wine Warehouse for £9.99 per single bottle but it’s currently reduced to a mouthwatering £6.66 on a multi bottle deal.

Ah, the memories of red wine helping combat heart disease are a distant memory… But let’s not drink to forget. If you’re only allowed to drink 14 units a week (equivalent to six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine!!!!!) then you better make a bloody good drink choice!