Let’s reclaim January’s fun side!

My mind rarely switches off as far as my fascination with food is concerned, so when I received a message from one of Bristol’s favourite radio presenters to come and chat on her show with food on the menu, I couldn’t resist! Let’s face it, I’m talking about food all day, every day anyway!

Laura Rawlings, famed for being one half of BBC Radio Bristol’s early bird breakfast presenters with Steve Le Fevre, asked me to come on to her brand new afternoon show. If you happen to be by a radio or computer between 4-6pm weekdays, have a listen. There’s something for everyone.


Lovely Laura and I.

With my love of food and wine and my experience in the industry, we chatted on the phone about what could get our juices going on a cold January evening. My big thing at the moment is to keep January interesting! We need to reclaim our love of food and drink in what is arguably the dullest month of the year! Laura, being someone who is of a similar mindset to me when it comes to her interest in food, agreed that this would be a great starting point.

The day began with an early helping of cake as it was January cake club day. And todays’ theme was Christmas cake! We were all so fascinated about each others’ recipes and our tricks of the trade that we wanted to have an excuse to try them all and compare. Sometimes, you can get a little ‘spiced out’ over Christmas and even the most hardened lovers of dried fruit soaked in alcohol can get a little jaded at the thought of any more cake after Boxing Day.


The cake!

This was in the forefront of my mind as I entered the bustling hub that is BBC Bristol’s Broadcasting House and was handed a bloody good cuppa ahead of my foodie ramblings. I thought it a good idea to bring in some of my fruit cake. A lighter version than the traditional Christmas cake, it’s a great way to enjoy fruit cake after the Christmas cake overload that I experienced at breakfast!

5:45pm came along and I’m in the studio with Laura. I started my January rant pleading with people to give flavour a chance and not hide behind a veil of misery as they forget to eat anything fun. Yes – I know it’s good to be a little bit healthy after the excess of December but that doesn’t mean food needs to be dull. Let’s use January to springboard our love of food for the next 12 months. Keep your tastebuds happy, and you’ll be happy. Even if you’re counting calories, keep it jolly! Dried chili flakes and five spice are my best friend at the moment. Watch this space for more recipe details later in the month.


                                                                               I loves a comedy mug, I do!

We also touched on the obsession with alcohol abstinence during January. If you really need to detox (or you’re raising money for charity) Good on you! That’s brilliant. But if you don’t need to, why resign yourself to tea-total misery? I believe that Monday to Thursday night abstinence makes you REALLY appreciate that glass of wine come Friday! And let’s face it, sometimes we deserve that drop of wine! Don’t do the whole month unless you really have to!

After touching on Saturday Kitchen’s Burns night special tomorrow and the cookery school tours which I can see Laura coming along to sometime soon, we finally we got to chat about cake club and our love of dried fruit! But time passes quickly when you’re eating cake: Suddenly it’s 6’Oclock and it’s time to start the weekend. So here’s to the next time!

imageIf you missed my interview, you can catch it here:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03dpzhp#play (It’s the final 15 minutes)

And I can reveal you can hear me on Laura’s show on Friday 19th February. So get your radios ready! Have a good weekend all.



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