Lawrence Keogh’s Weekend Kedgeree!


A ‘cheers’ from the last SK session in December

So the sun is shining and I have my Saturday Kitchen hat on today. The bottles are ready to be opened and the guests are on their way.

This frosty morning has made me smile and I hope the wines I have lined up for today’s ‘Taste of Saturday Kitchen’ session will too.

After today’s show, Lawrence Keogh, the man in charge of The iconic Wolseley on London’s Piccadilly is at the hobs for the first Cactus Kitchens Saturday Kitchen session of 2016. And today, one of my breakfast favourites is on the menu: Kedgeree.

So if you’re one of the select few that are coming along today, enjoy the tour, the cooking and the rather special wine that I have ready to go with breakfast!

The wine is one of my current faves and I can’t wait to share it. And Lawrence?… Behave yourself! I’m still mentally scarred from our time at the helm of the Saturday Kitchen stage at the BBC Good Good Show!… But getting over it.

Let’s get cooking!

If you want to book a fun filled Saturday Kitchen cooking demo, tour and wine tasting with me, go to



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