Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails!


Halloween 2020 is going to be a bit different to normal… For many of us, trick-or-treating is banned and we’ll have to get our fright-fix at home. So, I’ve got some perfect spooky twists on some classic cocktails and a few concoctions of my own to share with you to make for a ghoulish Halloween weekend.

Please note these recipes make two cocktails and we are working in parts (ratio) to get the amounts right. One part is 50ml. Please adjust to taste if you need.

Alcoholic Cocktails 

  • Dark, Spooky &  Stormy

A Dark & Stormy cocktail is a fantastic treat in the winter months thanks to the dark rum, ginger beer and lime juice used in it, but I’ve got a darker twist on it by adding cola and bitters for a fiendish edge.

Ingredients (for 2 cocktails in a highball glass)

A handful of ice

100ml (2 parts) Don Papa Rum

200ml Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer (Or similar fiery ginger beer)

100ml Cola

50ml (1part) Fresh Lime Juice

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

A grind of black pepper

1 Kissable Apple (From M&S) or a severed finger of watermelon


Fill a highball glass with ice. Put all ingredients into a jug. Stir and pour. Decorate with the a disc of kissable apple (a naturally pink apple with a zesty taste) and grind the black pepper.

  • Bloody Skull Mary

Hotter than a regular Bloody Mary, this sinister drink contains wasabi vodka and is decorated with an onion-salted rim and easy-to-make mushroom skulls.

Ingredients (for 2 Cocktails in a highball glass)

A handful of ice

50g onion salt (for rim decoration)

200ml (4 parts) Tomato Juice

50ml (2 parts) Wasabi Vodka (From the Wasabi Company)

A squeeze of Lemon Juice

5 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce

2 dashes of Tabasco Sauce and

For decoration

1 Mushroom (carved to look like a skull)

4 Cocktail Onions

4 Cornichons

2 Cocktail Sticks

2 rainbow carrots (to be used as stirrers) These are in M&S!


Put a little vodka on the rim of the glass and upturn the glass onto a plate containing onion salt. Put the ice in a shaker. Juice the lemon and add to the shaker. Put all measured liquids in, shake in the sauces in and shake the shaker for 20 seconds until the shaker is cold to touch. Pour into the glass and decorate with a carved skull mushroom. Put the onions and cornichons on cocktail sticks, place on top and add a carrot to stir.

  • Pumpkin Prosecco

A seasonal take on the famous peach bellini, but rather than using peach puree, this one uses pumpkin puree (boiled pumpkin, blitzed with cloudy apple juice and a pinch of ground ginger). It also has spiced rim for an extra seasonal touch.

Ingredients (for 2 Cocktails in Champagne Flutes)

For the puree:

100g Pumpkin

50mls cloudy apple juice

1tsp ground ginger

For the actual cocktails (2 glasses):

50g Pumpkin Spice Mix for rim decoration (From M&S)

100ml (2 parts) Pumpkin Puree

200ml (4 parts Prosecco)

2 Physalis (Cape Gooseberries) or a piece of carved pumpkin skin


To make the puree, cube and boil the pumpkin for 15 minutes until tender. Let it cool and blitz in a blender with the apple juice until smooth. Add the ground ginger and stir in. Set aside in the fridge.

For the cocktail, put a little Prosecco on the rim of the glass and upturn it onto a plate containing pumpkin spice mix.

Add the puree to a small jug, pour in the Prosecco, stir gently and pour into Champagne flutes. Decorate each glass with a physalis / pumpkin skin.

  • Sinister Sangria

The word Sangria is ‘bloodletting’ in Spanish and i’s meaning is the surgical removal of some of a patient’s blood for therapeutic purposes!

However, we know it as a fun holiday cocktail! My take on a Spanish summer classic contains lemon cider and dark autumn fruits for a seasonal sip that packs a punch. I adore cider and I love to encourage people to see its diversity, and this cocktail is one of my faves at the moment!

Ingredients (for 2 Cocktails in large wine glasses)

A Handful of Ice

100mls (2 parts) Red Wine (A fruity Spanish red wine is great)

150mls (3 parts) Clementine Juice (or orange juice) not from concentrate

150 mls (3 parts) Thatcher’s Cloudy Lemon Cider

50 mls (1 part) Brandy

1 Clementine

A handful of mixed berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries)

For the decoration:

2 Lychees

2 Cocktail Cherries

2 Blueberries

2 Cocktail Sticks


Make bloody eyes by placing one cherry inside a lychee, thread on to a cocktail stick and add the blueberry. Repeat. 

Put a handful of ice in a large jug along with the mixed berries and the sliced clementine. Pour the red wine, clementine juice, cider and Brandy in. Stir gently. Pour into the glass allowing some fruit and ice to enter the glass. To decorate, add the eyes on top!

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Apple bobbing was always a Halloween treat when I was a kid but now in 2020 it wouldn’t be safe in communal form!

These non-alcoholic cocktails are perfect for kids and are made with apple bobbing in mind! The scoop of sorbet and gelato on top makes messy fun for kids of all ages!

  • Blood Orange Bob

This cocktail is mouth-wateringly tasty, bright red and full of vitamin C. This zingy and refreshing orange cocktail has a scoop of raspberry sorbet open top and is decorated with eyeballs!

Ingredients (for 2 Cocktails in highball glasses)

A handful of Ice

250ml (5 parts) Blood Orange Juice

100ml (2 parts) Sparkling Water

2 scoops of Raspberry Sorbeto (I used Swoon sorbeto)

For the decoration:

A sprinkling of pomegranate seeds

2 Lychees

2 Cocktail Cherries

2 Blueberries

2 Cocktail Sticks


Make bloody eyes by placing one cherry inside a lychee, thread on to a cocktail stick and add the blueberry. Repeat. 

Add ice into the glasses, then pour in the sparkling water and add the blood orange juice. Place a scoop of sorbet on top and add a scattering of pomegranate seeds and place a bloody eye skewer on top.

  • Spiced Pumpkin Bob

This rich and tasty cocktail is full of seasonal pumpkin and appley goodness! A bit like a smoothie, it’s topped off with delicious hazelnut gelato. It’s a real treat. The disc of kissable apple adds a fleshy twist to this cocktail’s look.

Ingredients (for 2 Cocktails in highball glasses)

A handful of Ice

150g cooked pumpkin

250ml (5 parts) Cloudy Apple Juice

1 Heaped teaspoon of ground ginger

2 scoops of hazelnut gelato (I used Swoon gelato)

For the decoration:

A sprinkling of pomegranate seeds

1 Kissable Apple (Available at M&S)


Put the cooked pumpkin in a blender, add the apple juice and the ground ginger. Blitz for a few seconds until smooth.

Put ice in the glass and add the pumpkin and apple mixture. Scoop the gelato and put on top.

To decorate, slice the kissable apple in half and cut a slice. Cut a slit in the apple and  put on the glass. Scatter the pomegranate seeds on top.


Have a FABULOUS Halloween everyone, and keep smiling!

If you want THE MOST AMAZING gelato and sorbeto, visit http://www.swoononaspoon.co.ukfor more info.


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