Pink Fizz Frolics!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Quick question… Do you have your Friday night drinks sorted yet? If not, never fear! If you’re being a bit ‘last minute’ about proceedings, I have the wine for you…

Whether you’re being romantic tonight, or not, I’ve got the perfect sip for you. It’s English, it’s pink, it’s sparkling, and it delicious! Eight Acres Sparkling Rosé is from Kent and made by Hush Heath Wine Estate. Not surprisingly, the wine takes its name from the vineyard block that the grapes come from on the estate and is part of a new collaboration between the Co-Op and Hush Heath.

This blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir has produced a beautiful pale pink wine with soft bubbles that are marshmallowy on the palate. It has an initially savoury flavour with a hint of salinity, just perfect with pre-dinner nibbles. The flavour then develops sumptuously, hinting at strawberries and cream. This beguiling fruity flourish then makes way to a gentle white pepper finish. It’s a really jolly sip without tasting tart, which some English pink fizz’s can do!

So, if you haven’t been into a Co-Op to buy wine before… Do it! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their slection.

Eight Acres Sparkling Rosé is exclusive to Co-Op and and is priced at £18.

(And by the way, don’t make the mistake that this wine is JUST for Valentines Day… As far as I’m concerned, it’s for all year round.)img_4093


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