Wine to the Mothers!

me-on-set-with-girls-eatingimg_7516Everybody needs a ‘wine down’ from time to time. Whatever day of the week, there’s always an excuse for a glass of your favourite tipple to relax with. So when mummy-blogger and wine lover Zeena Moolla asked me to recommend some low priced sips on her new TV series, I was more than happy to help.

Zeena’s been a presence online for a while now with her no nonsense website and Made TV have given her a primetime show which will reach out to mothers all over the UK. Zeena deiscribes herself as a “Feral mum of two” who is “unlikely to be found milling about on Mumsnet and more likely to be ransacking the Tesco booze aisle.” Well, I like her style.

The new 6 part series is made by Made TV have networks in our home city of Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff and Tyne and is going out across the network. It’s been filmed in Bristol and consists of Zeena and two other young mums Helen Fazakerly (whose beautiful Bristol house we filmed in) and Ali Lidbetter. The gorgeous ladies discuss issues relevant to mums and have a chat with a celebrity guest too. And their reward? A bit of ‘wine down’ time with me in the kitchen!

Each week I have a different wine theme and the first show airs tonight with me recommending three wines to go with salads. Salads you say? I’m sure you’re thinking they’re hardly rock n roll! But I wanted to show that salads don’t have to be boring and in fact they can be a great midweek dinner for a busy mum. Salads can be fun! And there’s always a good wine to go with them!

The series starts tonight, Tuesday 22nd November at 7pm on all of the following channels: Made in Bristol, Made in Leeds, Made in Liverpool, Made in Cardiff, Made in Birmingham and Made in Tyne & Wear.

Catch it on Freeview channel 7, Sky 117 and Virgin 159.

Keep your eye on Zeena’s blog at and on Facebook at and see more details on the channel at and

Here’s tonight’s episode guide:

Episode One: Special Guest Richard Arnold

Early Mornings: Zeena, Helen and Ali chat about the daily struggles getting the kids ready each morning, and are joined by morning television heavyweight Richard Arnold of Good Morning Britain. Richard talks his morning routine, face lifts and his close relationship with presenter Kate Garraway – hoping they’ll one day be able to present their own show together.

Wine expert Andy Clarke discusses great whites that compliment a delicious Mackerel salad.

Toddler Top Tips Shareable Video: Getting kids to eat Vegetables

Happy wine down everyone!



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